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An Industrial Noize Pollution album made by machine and man.

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Drip, Drip, Destroy

Hard rock song about a leaking roof. The Momentum of Rain is p = mv (p = momentum, m = mass, v = velocity.)

Roof is leaking, water’s seeping through the cracks
Drip, drip, drip, it’s falling down my back
I can’t escape this constant reminder of the rain
Gotta fix it now, before it drives me insane

[Verse 2]
Every drop hits the floor like a pounding drum
Drip, drip, drip, it’s a battle I can’t outrun
I’m soaked, I’m drenched, can’t you see my plight?
Gonna tear it down, gonna fight this fight

Drip, drip, destroy, it’s tearing me apart
This leaking roof is breaking my heart
Gonna scream, gonna shout, gonna make it right
Drip, drip, destroy, gonna win this fight

The moisture
Starts taking shape
For sure
Shape of a cloud
We think
Out loud
Out loud
So proud
(How loud? Hubris us proud)
Is cumulonimbus a reflection on us
Inability to sustain
Brings on violent rain
As silent remain
Under violent rain
Under violent reign
(No fun dancing in the violent rain)

Climate of Chaos

An aggressive hard rock song about: Human-induced climate change is a dynamic component of an intricate and unordered system, as per chaos theory. Global warming is accelerating exponentially. Our climate model uses chaos theory in an attempt to adequately account for humans and forecasts a global average temperature increase of 9 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Everybody has the responsibility not to pollute. There are plenty of things you can do to help save the planet. Stop using fossil fuels. Consume less. Love more. Here is a list of additional actions you can take.

In a world of chaos, where systems intertwine
A symphony of disorder, a dance of time
Human-induced changes, a web of destruction
Global warming accelerating, no time for reflection (oh-yeah)

[Verse 2]
The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising
Species are dying, can’t you see it’s terrifying?
We’re playing with fire, but the flames keep getting higher
We need to wake up, before it’s too late to retire (yeah!)

Can’t you see the chaos unfolding? (oh-oh)
Global warming, the world is exploding
We’re facing a crisis, it’s time to take action (take action)
Climate of chaos, it’s a chain reaction

Violent Rain

An intense hard rock song about: Sidd said, Now I am thinking the violent rain will be a bigger problem before we die. Flow velocities go up due to climate change, Force and damage = square of the velocities.
— from The Reign of Violent Rain / Brouse and Mukherjee (2023)

Sidd said, “Now I’m thinking, the violent rain will be a bigger problem”
Before we die, we’re caught in the eye of the storm
Flow velocities go up, all because of climate change
Force and damage, it’s the square of the velocities

[Verse 2]
Dark clouds roll in, thunder cracks in the sky
We’re running from the storm, but there’s nowhere to hide
Drenched in fear, we feel the chaos closing in
The violence of the rain, it’s a battle we can’t win

Violent rain, it’s pouring down on us (pouring down on us)
Tearing through, leaving destruction in its wake (in its wake)
We try to escape, but it’s too late (but it’s too late)
The power of the storm, it’s a force we can’t break

Quantum Leap

A heavy, hard rock song: chaos theory The Butterfly Effect a small change can result in a quantum leap. Be a butterfly and affect the world. The Butterfly Effect illustrates that a small change in one area can lead to significant alterations in conditions anywhere on the globe. Hence, the frequently heard statement that a fluttering butterfly in China can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic.

In the realm of chaos, a butterfly takes flight
With every flutter, causing ripples in the night (night)
No one knows the power, waiting to ignite
A small change can lead to a world of might

[Verse 2]
From the ashes rise the giants, the fire starts to burn
A quantum leap in motion, the world begins to turn
With the power of a whisper, they’ll feel the heat
A revolution rising, defeat is not a retreat

Be the butterfly, spread your wings and fly (fly, fly, fly)
A small change can cause a storm, reach for the sky (yeah, yeah, yeah)
In the chaos lies the power, waiting to be unfurled (unfurled)
The butterfly effect, watch as it changes the world (the world, the world)


Hard rock song: Tipping points and feedback loops impact the rate of climate change acceleration. Crossing multiple tipping points results in the Domino Effect.

Drowning in the silence, screaming in dismay
As the world spins faster, spiraling away (away)
Tipping points and feedback loops, the danger now revealed
Crossing the line of no return, the climate’s fate is sealed

[Verse 2]
Domino effect, the earth in disarray
Turbulent skies of chaos, never-ending fray (fray)
Like a runaway train, the acceleration’s strong
As we witness the destruction, we know we did it wrong

Accelerate, accelerate, the world’s on fire
Tipping points and feedback loops, the flames grow higher
The domino effect, crashing one by one
In this race against time, will we come undone?

Tempest of Change

Hard rock song: Extreme Weather when energy is added to a system, fluctuations increase. What we are saying is weather conditions will become more volatile due to the impact of humans.
— from The Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

Thunder rolling, lightning strikes the sky
The winds are howling, chaos fills the air (yeah)
Energy surging, nature’s fury unleashed
The tempest of change, a force we can’t repair (whoa-ooh)

[Verse 2]
Raging storms, tornadoes spinning wild
Heatwaves scorching, oceans rising high (oh-yeah)
Humans disrupt the delicate balance
Fluctuations surge, weather intensified (woah-oh)

Extreme weather, a cry of nature’s rage (yeah, yeah)
Unleashing power that humans can’t contain (ooh-yeah)
Impact of our actions, consequences clear (clear, yeah)
Weather’s volatility, a warning we should hear

Unordered Chaos

Hard rock song: The Age of Loss and Damage humans experience greater loss and damage to life. Anthropogenic climate change is an exponential component of an unordered system (chaos theory).

In the age of loss and damage, we’re drowning in despair
Anthropogenic climate change, the chaos that we bear
Exponential destruction, our world in disarray
Searching for a solution, will we find a way?

[Verse 2]
The Earth is screaming out, its cries fall on deaf ears
As temperatures rise, we fuel our own fears
The storms intensify, the fires rage on
We’re living in a nightmare, with no place to belong

Unordered chaos, the price we pay
The consequence of our actions, won’t go away (no way)
Can we break this cycle, can we make a change?
Or will we be consumed by the chaos we arrange?

What is the peril
With all of this?
Risk to life
Risk to limb
Bringing strife
To who I am
Taking life
From who I am

Vector-borne disease
Under a scorching breeze
Dying of thirst
As hopes are coerced

Loss of the trees
No more gentle breeze
Extremes abound
Dreams shattered, ground

Loss of home
Forever to roam
Refugee’s fate
A self-imposed state

Intensified rain
Reigning severity’s pain
Water refuses to drain
Sustaining sanity becomes a strain

Hazard, threat, jeopardy
High-risk probability
Time hangs on the line
Under constant alarms of harm
Susceptible to vulnerability
In debt, regretting the threat

Ignite the World

Hard rock anthem: Climate change: — each person bears the responsibility to minimize pollution, discontinue the use of fossil fuels, reduce consumption, and foster a culture of love and care. Climate change is primarily driven by the escalation of thermal energy affecting biogeophysical and socio-economic systems. While biogeophysical factors can be studied using math, physics, and historical records, socio-economic systems pose greater challenges due to the unpredictable consequences of human behavior and inexplicable consumer choices, exacerbating tipping points and feedback loops.

In a world of fire, burning so bright
We gotta rise up, we gotta make it right
The earth is calling, can’t you feel the pain?
It’s time to stand up, we won’t be the same

Ignite the world, let’s make a change (make a change)
Together we can rearrange (rearrange)
In our hearts, we hold the key (hold the key)
To a future that’s clean and free

[Verse 2]
No more pollution, no more wasting time
We gotta act now, leave the past behind
With renewable energy, we’ll pave the way
For a world where love and care will always stay

Earthquake of the Ages

Hard rock song about the rate of climate change, so much change so rapidly, volatile, extreme, mind-blowing, gobsmackingly bananas.

Dr. Caroline Holmes of the British Antarctic Survey (an expert on Antarctic sea-ice) said, “What we’re seeing right now is so far outside what we’ve observed previously. We expected change but I don’t think we expected so much change so rapidly.”

Some areas of the world are now warming so fast, it is becoming more difficult to measure the change from “normal” or average. Jeff Boyne, National Weather Service meteorologist and climatologist, said, “There are climate normals that are updated every 10 to 15 years, because the planet is warming so fast. The ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) regions are warming so fast that those normals are being updated every 5 years.”

“It’s so far outside anything we’ve seen, it’s almost mind-blowing,” says Walter Meier, who monitors sea-ice with the National Snow and Ice Data Center. “September was, in my professional opinion as a climate scientist, absolutely gobsmackingly bananas,” said Zeke Hausfather, at the Berkeley Earth climate data project.”

Fire and ice, the Earth collides
Mountains crumble, the ocean tides
Nature’s fury, it’s hard to believe
The planet’s screaming, won’t you perceive?

[Verse 2]
Volcanic eruptions, the land ablaze
Melting glaciers, a haunting chase
Hurricanes swirling, tempestuous force
Climate’s shifting, off its course

Mind-blowing, gobsmackingly bananas
The rate of change, it’s causing trauma
Volatile and extreme, this Earthquake of the Ages
Can we find a way to turn the pages?

Solid Ground

Hard rock song about the erosion and the hardness of rock under our feet, granite, glacial till, limestone bedrock, karst terrain, or carbonate rock. Violent Rain and the Substrate: The basic question is what is the substrate? Sea level rise of 1 meter in Maine means the sea goes up to the top line that is currently 1 meter above the sea (we are ignoring tides) and that’s it for thousands of years. That is because Maine is made out of granite. Sea level rise of 1 meter along Cape Cod, which is glacial till, means that the sea will erode horizontally many many meters. In fact, Cape Cod is a dead-peninsula walking, even given pre-AGW sea level rise. It will all wash away eventually, except any rocky bits of bedrock that might be there (but they aren’t there AFIK.) So, given that, yes, storms come in to play. The rate of erosion of Cap Cod, to continue with that example, accelerated in about 1979, due to increased severe coastal storms. What happens to a given floodplain will depend totally on local conditions.

In this cold world, I search for something real
But all I find are facades, just surface appeal (appeal)
I’m walkin’ on rocks that have weathered the test
Their silent strength, a testament to what is best (yeah)

[Verse 2]
Behind the cracks, there lies a story untold
The scars they bear, each one a battle unfold (unfold)
Granite veins run deep beneath the ground
Unyielding and unbreakable, forever profound (oh-yeah)

Solid ground beneath my feet (yeah)
Eroding, eroding but never retreat (ooh-yeah)
Through glacial till and limestone bedrock, I stand tall
On karst terrain, this world can’t make me fall (fall)

Barren Lands

Hard rock song: Soil degradation, through erosion, loss of organic matter, and reduced water retention, cause desertification. The earth’s climate is nonlinear and teleconnected. Global warming is caused by an increase in thermal energy in the climate system. The Earth is a climate system. Many subsystems make up our climate. Chaos theory emphasizes the complexity and nonlinearity of dynamic systems, and this complexity is inherent in the interactions between soil, atmosphere, and oceans in the Earth’s climate system.

The soil is dying, the earth is crying
Erosion takes its toll, as the winds are flying
Lost in the desert, a landscape unforgiving
Barren lands surround, no hope for the living

[Verse 2]
Organic matter, once rich and thriving
Reduced to ashes, in the desert it’s striving
Water retention, a thing of the past
The dry lands expand, the future is cast

A world in decay, it’s slipping away (slipping away)
Desertification, the price we must pay (we must pay)
The climate is nonlinear, teleconnected we stand
Barren lands, the mark of man’s hand (yeah!)

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