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[In this song, real is pronounced ree-all.  The city of Real in the Philippines
is pronounced Ray-el.]

	Here's the deal:
Get real,
While you can,
Get to Real,
While you can,
You may not get this chance,

Which came first,
The chicken or the egg?
Which came first,
Man induced climate change,
Or, global warming?
Fill a round hole,
With a square peg,
We'll force the fit,
Even if it hurts,
A bit.


We feel duty-bound,
To derange,
Despite the warning,
Is it our goal,
To relinquish charming?
Is it our role,
To be alarming?
It starts to sound,
The numbers that parish.


The future becomes clear as crystal,
In the microcosm that is Real,
Mortals join forces,
With the forces of nature,
Becoming the enforcer --
Head executioner,


Bipedals meddle,
Unwilling to settle,
For anything less,
Feeling urgent,
To bring on a cataclysmic event,
One they could prevent.


Unable to exhibit self-control,
We ask Big Brother to limit our role,
Treating all polluters as terrorists,
Is just too hard to resist,
Of course, the problem with this,
Each and everyone of us... 
Is on that list.
Yes, the future turns to crystal,
In Real,
And, it's clear from here,
Which animal to fear.

this article on Real, Philippines is a neat lil' microcosm

1) which came first the chicken or the global warming egg? the gov't has now outlawed ALL commercial logging

2) what will big brudder do when the people panic over the weather?

"illegal loggers would be prosecuted like terrorists"

The Global Warming Study

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