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    • Air Pollution Deaths
      A report from the World Bank found: Air pollution has emerged as the deadliest form of pollution and the fourth leading risk factor for premature deaths worldwide. Those deaths cost the global economy about US$225 billion in lost labor income in 2013, a new study finds, pointing toward the economic burden of air pollution. The […]
    • Cities Sink Faster Than Seas Rise
      Are sea levels rising due to global warming? Yes. Coastal cities are getting a double whammy. NASA reports: a review article published by a team of scientists who recently assembled in New Orleans, La., and in Venice, Italy, to examine the problem. Extraction of groundwater or fossil fuels, and sometimes simply generations of farming, are […]
    • Scientists Say No to Chemtrails
      by Daniel Brouse You can go on the internet just about any day and see conspiracy theories about chemtrails. There are those who believe governments are poisoning the population by spraying chemicals out of airplanes. One scientist decided to do a peer-reviewed study after searching the internet for scientific facts about chemtrails and finding none. […]
  • Local residents speak up for freedom of speech at the West Chester Borough public hearing for a Street Performers Ordinance ...

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    • West Chester Street Performance Ordincance
      by Daniel Brouse WEST CHESTER, PA — A second public hearing for a proposed ordinance to regulate street performers was held on September 21 at Borough Hall. Due to the time length of the meeting, a third public hearing has been scheduled for October 18 at 6PM. The ordinance would regulate “the following activities: acting, […]
    • West Chester Attempts to Regulate Free Speech
      by C. Moore WEST CHESTER, PA — At the second public hearing for a proposed ordinance to regulate street performers, the problems with creating a law that violates the Constitution of the United States became increasingly apparent. In fact, the ordinance is so problematic that a third public hearing has been scheduled for October 18 […]
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