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  • GWCC (in cooperation with @membrane.com) is building a super-server to house a new variety of search engine. ...

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    • Unstill
      LYRICS Some may come Some may go Others… hell no! Some… ya never know Some are dumb Some they know Rise above Let love grow Rather friend than foe Unstill my heart Fulfill let’s start Take, take, take Big mistake Live to give Lose or win Am I genuine… or fake Unstill my heart Fulfill […]
    • Fly Like An Eagle
      Coversong written and made famous by Steve Miller Fly Like An Eagle AltMix.mp3 Am C, D Tick, tock, tick, do- do- doo-doo Am C, D Tick, tock, tick, do- do- doo-doo Am C D Am C, D Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future Am C D Am C, D Time keeps on […]
    • Count To Six
      LYRICS One at a time Going down the line Two at a time Double-down divine Feeling fine And what about Three strikes you’re out Before four Just need one more Four sure Barely alive Passing by five Not a peep At six feet deep … that’s deep! Dead on Hit the nail on the head […]
    • The Cost of Being Lost
      LYRICS Please excuse me Did somebody lose me And would you hear “Where do we go from here?” Where do we go from here Please steer clear Getting too near It’s easy to see We don’t want to go there Aware, we don’t want to go there Meander away Bewildered all day What do you […]
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