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    • Talking To The Wall (Part 1)
      LYRICS Running the inane Feeling the pain Of a cold driving rain In the face Face-to-face Is your point-of-view Going to rat on you? In the face Face-to-face Doe the opinion you spew Splatter back on you Running from sane Embracing the pain Of a lame membrane (chorus) Running in sane Down pouring reign Feel […]
    • Heaven On Earth
      LYRICS I’m starting to think Heaven is on Earth The older and wiser I become The more I believe This is the Kingdom Kingdom come Some may think the thought dumb But, I for one Fine a miracle in my birth God! It’s heaven on Earth This is the Kingdom Kingdom come [jam] A habitable […]
    • Word And Deed
      LYRICS I don’t know Either or Said the shyster to the whore Furthermore I don’t know If you’re true to what you do? Satisfaction’s in the action And, indeed, your word and deed Will I concede to succeed Requires unanimous appeal From all of us to be a deal Unanimous All of us To seal […]
    • Power
      LYRICS We are ready Turn up the sound Rock unsteady Roll the ground Bake, shake n’ quake Let’s play music Let the music play It’ll cure the sick And, ease the social decay We are ready Up the volume Don’t be stingy “10” and then some (chorus) We are ready Strap on the Strat? As […]
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