Internet Multimedia Crash Test for Dummies

WARNING, Wil Robinson... some of these multimedia files are likely to choke Robot. That's why we've set up this crash test area.

Nuttin' can get ya car-sick quicker on the info-bahn than downloading a fat file... only to find out that it crashes your computer.

If you are unsure of your computer's ability to hear sound (such as, .ogg, .mp3, .wav and .ra files) or see video (like .mpg, .avi and .mov files), you might want to try these simple tests. The tests are made to be quick and easy.

Should you crash or error, chances are your computer or device isn't multimedia enabled (hardware or software is needed... like a soundcard, codec or media player.)

About Multimedia Files

egg in hand
80 x 60

egg is cracked
160 x 120

egg is dripping
240 x 180

egg is a mess
320 x 240

More Multimedia

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