sidd's take on the event

fossil fuel partys over

in more detail ...

fission nukes are going to be built
not immediately in the USA

but certainly in china, india
brazil, russia

eventually in the USA
when the cost of ensuring Middle Eastern fossil fuel is too much to pay in blood and tears
as counted in dollars by energy traffickers

coal is the only other option, but coal burnt for energy makes co2

half the world population lives within 75 miles of the ocean as the water invades, even the energy peddlers can lie no more

coal will be processed into oil when the oil runs out
again this will take fission nuke plants

this is the world that the next generation will inherit

they may curse our names

conservation helps greatly
turn out the lights when not needed
children might remember you kindly

i rarely comment .. because the excessively long articles say it better than i can

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