The Philadelphia Spirit Experiments

Established: 1994
Purpose: Experiments In World Religion
Motive: Improve Understanding in the Area of Spiritual Development
Goal: Help Make Everything Fun

Pondering on:

A Positive Flow

Though we try to study with an open mind, our emotions tend to trickle towards the light. The only universal rule that I can put my finger on is:
I should *do* to others,
The same things that I would like them to do…
To me.

Spiritual Exchange

Our effort is to elicit a common thread of unity linking all onto a common ground of understanding - like a web for the human race. Creativity is not something to smugly observe and censure just because it does not fit within the bounds of some groups' credo... or, because one has never had a particular experience. Creativity, when experienced without preconception, can evoke in us a oneness transcending (but not in conflict with) religious belief.


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